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Publican 2.3

Release Notes

New Features and Bugfixes in Publican 2.3

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Release Notes

Release Notes for Publican 2.3

1. Branding and Style Updates

Publican 2.3 introduces a range of enhancements to the style of the common brand.
The styling of the footers in the HTML output has been updated to increase readability. Additionally, the titles of <examples> <equation> and <table> elements are now rendered above the actual element. The styling for an <example> has also been refreshed, and the orange border removed.
Example 1.  a sample example
#ls -la

The styling for verbatim content (e.g. a <screen> or <programlisting>) has been refreshed.

import javax.naming.InitialContext;

public class ExClient
   public static void main(String args[]) 
       throws Exception
      InitialContext iniCtx = new InitialContext();
      Object         ref    = iniCtx.lookup("EchoBean");
      EchoHome       home   = (EchoHome) ref;
      Echo           echo   = home.create();

      System.out.println("Created Echo");

      System.out.println("Echo.echo('Hello') = " + echo.echo("Hello"));
The styling of the admonitions (<note>, <important> and <warning>) has been refreshed.


Notes are tips, shortcuts or alternative approaches to the task at hand. Ignoring a note should have no negative consequences, but you might miss out on a trick that makes your life easier.


Important boxes detail things that are easily missed: configuration changes that only apply to the current session, or services that need restarting before an update will apply. Ignoring a box labeled 'Important' will not cause data loss but may cause irritation and frustration.


Warnings should not be ignored. Ignoring warnings will most likely cause data loss.

2. Command Line Interface Updates

Publican 2.3 introduces the new bump_n_brew command. Using bump_n_brew increments the integer inside the <pubsnumber> tag, and subsequently runs the equivalent to publican package --brew. The basic example of a bump_n_brew call would be:
publican bump_n_brew --lang=en-US
Enhanced bash completion support
Previously, bash completion support for the parameters of the --brand and --type options was incomplete. With this update, Publican now tab completes the parameters for these options.

3. Website Updates

  • If a product name listed in the side navigation pane of a Publican website was close to the width of the pane itself, the icon used to navigate to the product splash page might have wrapped to the next line. In this update, the product name text wraps and the splash page icon remains in the intended position. (BZ#642109)
  • When installing a document onto a Publican website, the installation process runs a script (regen_all_toc) to regenerate the table of contents information for navigation. Previously, however this script was not invoked when installing the special Product or Version pages for a Publican website. In this updated version of publican, this issue has been resolved. (BZ#612027)
  • In the previous release of Publican (version 2.2), significant improvements were made to the navigation menu in Publican generated websites. One of the major improvements was to force the side menu to expand to include the document currently being viewed.
    However, in cases where the navigation menu was expanded out, the listing of the current document scrolled off the bottom of the pane. In Publican 2.3, the side menu automatically scrolls to ensure that the current document is visible. Additionally, the listing in the navigation page is highlighted blue to inform the user precisely which book they are viewing.
  • Fix RPM website not installing cleanly.

4. Packaging Updates

  • Publican was not naming the packages for Product and Version splash pages correctly. When building a splash page as a package, publican ommited the product name. In this update, this issue has been resolved, and publican returns the correct package name, for example:
  • Previously, Publican did not correctly escape the single quotation mark character (') when including the contents of the <abstract> tag into the RPM spec file. Consequently, if the the single quotation mark character was used in the abstract, installing the RPM that publican generates for that document would an error similar to:
    Can't find string terminator '"' anywhere before EOF at -e line 1, <DATA> line 
     error: %post(Product-BookName-1-web-en-US-1-12.el5.noarch) scriptlet failed,
    exit status 9
    In this update, publican now correctly escapes the single quotation mark character in the spec file, which resolves this issue. (BZ#642088)
  • Use --nocolours in spec files.

5. Localisation Updates

  • Fix indexterm merge missing nested nodes. BZ #643275
  • Add phrase to translatable tag list. BZ #643287
  • Fix POT files breaking when using HTML::Tree 4.0.
  • Fix translated label missing from manually installed book. BZ #643781

A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 0-0Mon Oct 18 2010Dude McPants
Initial creation of book by publican